Friday, September 12, 2014

Event // Kronenbourg 1664 Taste the French Way of Life

it was quite a surprise for being invited as a special guest for Kronenbourg 1664 premiere movie launch. but hey, I've been a faithful movie hunter. i go to the cinema almost every week ಠ◡ಠ meanwhile, last friday night, instead of working my ass off at home as usual, i dated my partner in crime Jolie to join me for a movie premiere. without hesitating or even knowing what's the movie about, Jolie hopped into my car and we began our journey to GSC Signature, The Gardens  ̄▽ ̄*

Aglio Olio, Beef Stew, grilled fish and fresh broccoli
accompanied by Kronenbourg 1664

upon arrival, we were greeted by delicious buffet spread and also free flow of Kronenbourg 1664 & Blanc. you know i hardly drink right? but i just had to try Blanc cause i can pretty much handle it, hahaha! anyway, Jolie finished both. thanks for not wasting my food ≧◡≦

a photo booth is prepared at the entrance which allow everyone to capture their very special moments with Kronenbourg. everyone was busy taking pictures and make use of the service provided. not just that, the WOWgram machine gave us access to print out the pictures too! i was starving and forgotten to print out mine. but it's alright, i took some pictures at the booth with my own camera.

◔‿◔ the let's selfie with our drink kinda picture

adrenaline rush while watching 'as above, so below'
and tasting these freshly out popcorns make everything so much better, yums

after the movie, Kronenbourg surprised us with gift vouchers hidden in the Kronenbourg 1664 popcorn and unfortunately, i wasn't that lucky that night. three lucky fans walked away with awesome prizes such as Kronenbourg 1664 beer tower and limited addition mini cooler.

so this is what you get for being a loyal movie buff, hehe! thank you Kronenbourg and GSC Cinema for the awesome movie experience. i had so much fun entertained by the MC and also from the movie too! honestly speaking, i have never watch any horror movie in any cinema simply because i hate watching horror movie as i have really good imagination  ̄ー ̄ to my surprise, i kinda excited and enjoy watching it that night, gosh. maybe more in the future? or more invites perhaps? ▰˘◡˘▰

thanks again for bringing the people (us) for such an enjoyable movie night. it's really important to achieve a work life balance by sharing good conversations, indulge yourself with a good meal or even a good show. the No.1 premium French beer’s ‘Taste the French Way of Life’ campaign is all about striking that balance between work and enjoying the little pleasures in life. thank you Kronenbourg 1664 and GSC for making things come true.

for more info on their upcoming events, do keep yourself updated at

till the next post xx

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