Friday, September 19, 2014

Event // Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race (MMER) with Ashraff Dewal

"Malaysia Merdeka Endurance Race MMER is a 12 Hours endurance racing event held annually since 2000 at the Sepang International Circuit on late August as part of the Merdeka festivities in Malaysia. The race has become one of the toughest and most significant 12-hour endurance races in the world and has been attracting a growing number of top teams from Asia and around the world. 2013 saw one of the best grids for many years lined up to do battle for honours in all classes and the event was overall a great success."

on the 30th of Aug, i was invited to experience the entire race event at the Sepang International Circuit. it was an honour to be part of this huge event and i was lucky enough to be able to spend time with Audi R8 LMS Cup's Malaysian racer, Ashraff Dewal. i arrived at destination in about 11.40am to collect my Audi R8 LMS Cup Media Pass while allow me to get full access to the pit area, as well as Audi VIP Lounge and media centres.

Ashraff is currently represents the Team Visit Malaysia #69 in the Audi R8 LMS Cup and also another Audi R8 LMS #77 along with his fellow racers.

and he is all ready to go!

no you can't cross the line! but i want more excitement =(

time to feed those tummy ▰˘◡˘▰

shows about to start, this is how we rock!

during the day, i was kinda sad as we were not allowed to visit the pit area because it might be pretty dangerous for people who have no experience/working to access that area. therefore, i spent most of the time at the Audi Lounge since i had no chance to meet Ashraff personally. Audi is kind enough to provide us food throughout the event. beverages and food were catered by Shangri-la and we can also enjoy watching races on the bean bags provided.

group photo with Ashraff from the left, myself, Ruben (race engineer) and Arpita

Ashraff was really busy as the race was took place for 12 hours, i can barely see Ashraff until 8pm. man, I'm not sure if he even have time for his meal. you think being a racer is very cool? it's not easy to be a racer at all as you need lots of courage and commitment, and also sacrifices. Ashraff is definitely one of the bravest man I've ever met.

after being introduced by Sindee (the manager), Ashraff greeted us with a warmest smile. oh and guess what, i requested Ashraff to bring us to the pit area as i was really excited to see how things operated at the pit area. it was my first time getting involved in a racing event, i was nervous. but then Ashraff was kind enough to bring us down and tour us around the pit, i was overjoyed.

Ashraff told me that the team had used about 15 sets of tyres and 1 set of tyre cost about 4000 euro. how incredible!

myself at the Audi pit area

i personally felt that Ashraff has a great personality. I'm kind of a noob when comes to cars, i know only basics which is sit and drive, LOL. and yet, i had a golden opportunity to speak with such a big icon. i had to admit that I'm one of the luckiest person because i got to learn so many things from Ashraff about the racing. one thing about Ashraff is that he race for a word, passion and that's what makes him a strong person. he is truly inspiring.

there are 12 races for Audi R8 LMS Cup where in each country there will be 2 races. this year, Race 1 and Race 2 were started in Yeongam, South Korea. following by Fuji, Japan for Race 3 and Race 4. Race 5 and Race 6 in Sepang, Malaysia. then, Shanghai for Race 7 and Race 8 and also Race 9 and Race 10 on two separate race weekends. Lastly in Abu Dhabi for Race 11 and Race 12.

a big applause to the racing team and crew! it was a very memorable experience at The Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race (MMER). twelve hours of race isn't easy at all. Thank you Audi R8 LMS Cup's Malaysian racer Ashraff Dewal for having us and spent some quality time explained about the technical aspects on a race day. it was definitely a great experience with the Audi team. Best of luck on your next journey in Shanghai on Oct ◕◡◕

do show some supports on our local racer Ashraff Dewal. kindly visit his personal page here on FB: or Instagram: @ashraffd

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  1. Great stuff !!! Kudos !!! Go go Ashraff and Team Visit Malaysia...