Thursday, September 25, 2014

Leisure // M Marini Caffe

it is a must to date your bff out every once a week. agree? after all, we have not been meeting each other for quite awhile. last week, Chloe called me out of nowhere for lunch and surprisingly i have no plans that day. forget about gym and working out, i got myself dressed up, mascara on without any eyeliner, and I'm ready for my girly day ◔◡◔

tea set wasnt overpriced and it came with a selection of tea. i was too hungry and i got myself an extra dish, as usual, hahaha. i ended up couldn't finish my food, again ๏̯̃๏ nothing much to talk about the food here, it was quite disappointing actually. i would say the food was so-so and i would prefer if they can serve more cakes rather than pastries. brownies maybe? ⊙.⊙

i love having tea during weekdays because weekdays tend to have lesser people around and i usually ended up 'owning' the entire shop, haha! one more thing, you felt so much better taking pictures and *aherm* selfie too ▰˘◡˘▰

im not sure how Chloe discovered this place but M Marini Caffe is located at Suria KLCC LG floor. and guess what, Marini Caffe is actually owned by Marini's 57 too. i love the ambiance here. this is one of the best tea time place for us now, at least a place to build good relationship with your sisters or loved ones! M Marini Caffe has so many things to pay attention on. the lamp, the roses, the interior design, definitely another sophisticated restaurant for a lavish dinner or a tea. i hope the food quality can be improved anyway ◡‿◡

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