Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beauty // KissMe Malaysia Selfie Contest

oh man. sorry for doing advertising in my blog but hey! i have a good news for you beautiful peeps! do you wanna win yourself a best selfie phone SONY Xperia C3? or one year supply of KISS ME Cosmetics products?

here's what you can do!

1st: Head over to the nearest Watson stall (Pavilion, Mid Valley or One Utama)
2nd: Hunt for KISS ME booth!!!
3rd: Take a selfie, do what you girls need to do!
4th: snap the bar code and log in to
5th: link your fb account with your taken selfie foto, and then SHARE it on Facebook to get more likes and share from your friends.

here comes my super girly moment. i started to use KISS ME products this year.
to my surprise, the eyeliner is so good, mascara is so thick and volumed... oh my ◔◡◔

the outcome!
you can either choose to retake the picture or if you're satisfied, hit the NEXT button!

note down the code number and head over selfie website and get yourself registered!

and... you're done!
as an appreciation, KISS ME will be giving out a voucher for those who participate the selfie competition! how sweet!

here's a hint for you: if you purchased any KISS ME products after taking part on the selfie competition, you're entitled to enter the weekly lucky draw and who knows, you might be one of the winners? (x10 winner every week) good luck and enjoy taking beautiful selfies <3

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