Monday, October 27, 2014

Fashion News // Noir

dressing up all black on a smashing weekend for Pestle Mortar. it was a very last minute plan with Shaun and Elvina. i was supposed to do my ootd shoot at PULP cafe in the morning but we received invitation to attend the party so yea why not? though it was a very hipster event, i have decided to dress up this way. well, more like my own style.

I'm not entirely a 'lace' person, i don't like any lace printed stuffs. i guess they are too feminine for me and i never own any lace top/pants/skirts, whatever you name it, you can't find them in my wardrobe. but running your own blogshop isn't that easy. i have to strive the balance between what i like and what other people want. eventually, i started to put on something that i don't usually wear and to my surprise, they work perfectly on me. i guess it's just the matter of how i style it instead of stop trying things that i think they are not compatible on me.

What i Wore // So lacey short, Lace Panel Mesh Top & Shades by Dreamscape / Hat by Forever 21 / Boots and Satchel by Topshop

Photos credits to ShaunzSeePhotography

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