Monday, October 6, 2014

Guiness Amplify Music Made Of More

Guinness Amplify, Music Made of More is GUINNESS’s brand-new music campaign celebrating the incredible journey of talented, dedicated, and passionate musicians. the campaign features a series of 6 weekly free-admission gigs at various locations across Peninsular Malaysia by some of Malaysia’s most talented local acts, and will culminate in the extraordinary Finale Show at KL Live.

what's even better? if you're a fan of this Canadian band MAGIC!, here's your change to see them live on the finale show at KL Live on October 18th. their appearance at the Guinness Amplify Music Made of More Finale Show will mark the first time the band has performed in Malaysia.

Tickets for the Guinness Amplify Music Made of More Finale Show will not be offered for sale. music fans, however, can log on to to learn how they can get a free ticket to the finale show. once the ticket is won, it can be upgraded to a VIP pass, which entitles the holder to a Meet & Greet session with the artists. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

it was another hectic day. the jam was pretty bad but I was lucky enough to have my bestie Wen Yong to accompany me to attend one of the Guinness Amplify show. we took a selfie at the entrance before the performance started. all thanks to GUINNESS, awesome food and meat skewers were served, yums! oh! also free flows of Guinness too!

- that night -
feturing Tempered Mental, Nick Davis and Darren Ahley at Foley's, Oasis Ara Damansara.
as usual, we came here to support our all time favourite local artist, Nick Davis.

it was my fist time checking out Tempered Mental live. i was hoping to meet Kyoto Protocol but sadly, they will only be perfoming on the next show in Soho Gastro Pub, Penang with another 2 more bands. there will be six incredible live shows perform in 6 weeks which are locate across Peninsular Malaysia. are you lucky enough to meet all of them? =)

The Guinness Amplify Live Tour will continue throughout September and the first two weeks of October, following by the finale show in KL Live on October 18th. entry to all Guinness Amplify Live Tour events is total FREE and is also first-come first-served.

The next gig in the Guinness Amplify Live Tour will be at Laundry Bar The Curve, Petaling Jaya, featuring Halfway Kings, Paperplane Pursuit, They Will Kill Us All. oh man, i wish to attend this round!

anyway, to keep yourself updated on Guinness Amplify Live Tour, kindly log on to and i'll see you guys there xx

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