Sunday, November 30, 2014

Joe Chia // Episode One - For Tomorrow

Back in Penang few days back with Elvina and to ensure i enjoy my weekend to the fullest, i dragged her to JoeChia's second anniversary party. Though it was a hactic/exhausted day for us, the experience is somehow amazing.

Spoke to Joe Chia and interviewed him a lil about his branding, such an inspiring icon. Im glad that he had found his direction and motif, and made an achievement in 2 years time. It's not easy to work on what you dream of, especially when you have to strive a balance between dream and reality. Ive learnt alot that night.

Im so glad to meet all familiar faces here too, feel like home again.

thank you Joe Chia for throwing such an amazing party in Penang. stay tuned for his upcoming event in Johor Bahru and the finale show in KL.

fore more information, kindly visit JoeChia

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