Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cafe // Narrow Marrow Penang

Narrow Marrow /// 252 A Carnavon Street. George Town Malaysia

still couldn't get over this place. i miss the lovely people and the warm ambiance. it's so strange that you met your long lost friend at your hometown, yet felt so much loved. im so glad that i brought my good friend Elvina back to my hometown with me. at least she get to taste all the good food and meet all the lovely people here in Penang. i hope you enjoy the trip xx

well, i don't have much to write about this round. i would prefer if you could spend more time viewing my pictures instead. oh before i end this post, Merry Christmas =)

cafe photos are all taken by myself / Sony RXIII // OOTD by my very good friend Prakash Daniel // outfit by Dreamscape

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