Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food Review // Cafe K, Kiaraville Condominium

i know you food lovers are always lack of ideas on where to head to when comes to lunch/dinner time. yeap, we all Malaysian faced the same issue, and that's why you need people like me (blogger) to bring you around for some good food or to be exact, to a food wonderland. here's what i found last month and I'm really sorry that i have no time to post it up yet! but hey, good things come for those who wait isn't it? K cafe is a newly opened food restaurant located in Kiaraville Condominium which is just a walking distance from Solaris Mont Kiara.

highlight of the day - Spicy Noodle (rm19.90) // get it for free if finish it within 3 minutes. this is madness. **take at your own risk**

Deep Fried Calamari (RM9.90) // one of my favourite dish of the day.

Kimchi Pancake (RM15.90) // this is a must after you take the spicy noodle. trust me, it helps!

Hot Pot Bibimbap (RM18.90) // this is how i rock my Bibimbap, with large amount of chilli. Bibimbap serves with multigrain rice and fresh vegetables and i think it's a best meal for people who go on diet. also, this Bibimbap is huge enough to serve for two persons, take note on that.

Bibimbap (RM17.90) // they serve also a non hot pot version of Bibimbap too

one thing that i like about K cafe is that they serve not just koran food but also western food as well, i get to taste both now!

it's not hard to find the cafe once you arrived at Kiaraville Condominium (use Waze peeps), get a visitor pass from the guard house and inform them about you going to the music school instead of the Cafe. next, find your way to Block B and go up to Level 2. the cafe is located right next to the beautiful pool. you may access it by using the lift facing opposite the Mini Mart or take the stairs next to the K Conservatory of Music (the music school)

don't forget to visit the music school as they provided several classes like vocal, piano and much much more. and most importantly, they hire only professional coaches. if you're looking for a music school to start your music journey, do take K Conservatory of Music into your consideration?

here's a link to the cafe page: www.facebook.com/pages/Cafe-K-Kiaraville/1489882281273322

and also a link to the music school: https://www.facebook.com/kconservatoryofmusic


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