Friday, April 17, 2015

Fashion News // Normality

the moment when minimal style kicks in, you know you have gone into another stage of style and fashion where everything goes against outrageous color and print. now that comfortness has became the key of fashion, the latest fashion trend proposed clothes that came with relaxed element, mono color, or something logo-free with a hint of plainness.

scrolling page by page online, you'll witness the rise of the trend by simplicity, easy going shoes or sneakers, oversized tees and minimal accessories. words to describe about this trend? i would say character, simplified and attitude. you're free from thinking too much by putting too many things together. no more statement necklaces nor gigantic pearl. let go, be simple with attitude. thinking out loud, that's more like it.

What i Wore // Oversized Top and High Rise Slouchy Jeans by Dreamscape

Photos credits to Rice | photo

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