Friday, April 10, 2015

Lifestyle // Klang by Sudio


A lifestyle brand which makes elegant earphones and offers studio quality sound for a third of what they would cost in stores. Sudio aiming for a stylish yet sophisticated accessory, something like a watch for the gentlemen and bracelet for the ladies; or to be exact, a brand like Ralph Lauren within earphones. and therefore, they have decided to create the products they wanted to buy.

i like how they put the word elegant and preppy together - it's like a combination of fancy accessories and your fashionable outfit. i personally believe that getting tiny details done is very much important, as it completed your look and that's how you present yourself to the public. you may not own yourself a fancy pair of Louis Vuitton, but putting the right things together will eventually complete yourself with a posh look. well, being well dressed don't not have to cost a fortune, and that's how Sudio ear piece came in.

sleek and minimal design, the golden details and the leather pouch, Sudio pretty much completed my wardrobe of elegant, minimal and stylist accessories. "this timeless ear piece is suitable for every day of the week, regardless if you are listening to music on your way to a black tie event or enjoying a sunny day in your sports attire. the Sudio sound piece will always be your elegant companion."

the parcel arrived perfectly with a fine case and every each of the items are wrapped in their very own individual boxes.

Studio came with two unique products, they name it the Klang and the Två. i pick the Klang mainly because i like the stay-in-ear design, and black color because i have too much white, or perhaps black is much easier to handle, if you know what i mean. a 3-button remote is designed to make sure you can answer calls and adjust the volume whenever is needed. it is also came with a mini pouch for a better storage.

Klang works best for iPhone and has one cord longer than the other in order to receive support from the user's neck to prevent the earphones from being pulled out. the stay-in-ear feature also lets the user wear Klang as an accessory, whereas Två features one button only to fit all devices and with two long cords.

you may enjoy a special discount of 15% with the code "CaseyW15" during your purchase in their website.
FREE worldwide shipping is provided as well! for more information on price, color and design, do check out the links below.

Instagram: @SudioSweden

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