Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fashion News // Ray-ban Clubmaster

Browline glasses, the sunglasses with the bold upper frame has always been a statement piece during the 1950s and 1960s. though browline glasses was first invented in 1947 by Jack Rohrbach, an eyeglass company, Bausch and Lomb penetrated the browline market through the 1960s by manufactured their very own versions of browlines.

the Ray-Ban has always been a perfect sunglasses for artists and celebrities, fits for the rich and famous for decades. in fact, Ray-Ban is preferred by courageous and successful individuals during the 60s and returned to its popularity during the 1990s where it was associated with nerds, hippy fashion.

Ray-Ban isn't all about design but more on quality and science. Ray-Ban were made to reduce glare, enhance clarity and contrasts. with its polarised lenses, 99 percent of lights are reflected and 85 percent of visible light were absorbed. as far as i know, reflected light is the most common kind of light to cause eye strain. therefore, it is recommended to put it on during a rainy day other than a sunny day.

"Ray-Ban were designed to protect our eyes from harmful rays. the lenses were made to 100 percent of UVA, UVB, and harmful blue light up to 400 nanometers. along with protection from the sun, the lenses are impact resistance. according to Ray-Ban, they resist as much as twice the impact of a common lens."

Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are retro and timeless. influenced by the 50s fashion, i pair it up with a white on white outfit to achieve a minimal and yet vintage look whereby the hemline stops around the knee length. it's always a challenge when it comes to mixing the retro and modern elements together, especially during the modern days. imagine a malt shop look with a chunky platform. well, why not? in this case, I've decided to go for femininity by completing my look with a white ankle socks and a pointed, closed-toe shoes. if you need to know, ankle socks were adored by the teenaged girl in the 1950s.

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