Saturday, June 4, 2016

Shan Children's Home @ Butterworth

At some point of life, i realize it’s not about how and what you can do to change yourself but how much will you be willing to change someone’s life. someone that you care the most? or someone that’s just a complete stranger to you?

being part of a charity campaign is simply not easy, especially when you have no clue about how and what you can do to make people believe in what you say. i mean, i believe every each of you encountered decision making difficulties when “these” people appeared to you and tell you about themselves representing xxx society to raise fund for the people in need. “who are they and why are they doing this? is this a fraud business came from those unethical people who is trying to use your sympathy to make money?” YES, i believe the above statement came into your mind and i guess that is exactly/or partially the reason(s) why none of the people in the groups i posted in respond to my message? or you’re simply too busy enjoying your RM30 worth of Aglio Olio at a restaurant? joking :3 well there are, also a few people reacted to my post and i sincerely, thank you on behave of Shan Children’s Home, and also from the bottom of my heart, God is definitely with you <3 well the good news is, i managed to raise RM3000 in just 2 days, i know that's not a huge figure but I'm still trying my best to raise as much as i can before i go back to KL. so any of you, if you're kind enough, please share this post out and be part of it, i wish to raise RM10,000 (about 333 pieces of table towel) within a week for the kids. and of course, i need your help. feel free to contact me personally if you need any assistance on the procedure, or you can online transfer the donation directly to their bank account.
I’ve decided to pay Shan Childen’s Home a visit after my return from Kuala Lumpur to my beautiful hometown, Penang. Honestly, speaking, that was my very first time entering an orphanage all by myself. I was somehow excited. the children greeted me the moment i stepped into the front gate, how lovely. they are all well behaved and i believe Saras (the administrator for Shan Children’s Home) and her entire team have been doing an excellent job on taking good care of the kids. what else i could ask for? i teared up a little.

dining room and the garden

kitchen and study room

I was told by Saras that the children did a beautiful art piece and they are selling it at the price of RM30 for a set of two. can you see how beautiful the art piece is? immediately i ordered 10 pieces from her and she was so grateful, i love to see that big smile on her face. i told her that i will come back for more. and guess what, my aunt from Melacca has decided to help me and willing to be part of this as well, RM3000 is coming to us <3

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let's be part of this by making your donation today. if you would love get yourself a table towel from the kids, each of them is RM 30 (for walk in) and RM40 included postage delivery fees , you may come over to collect yourself or you can opt to order it online and we can make the delivery for you. Shan Children’s Home is also looking for volunteers for tuition and computer lesson, transportation to school, supplies for school stationary and groceries. if any of you are kind enough to share out this love, i’ll be really grateful and i thank you on behave of Shan Children’s Home <3 just a friendly reminder, Shan Children's Home Butterworth brunch and Penang's brunch are both managed by 2 different managements, but under the same chairman, and i'm representing the Butterworth's brunch. PLESE SUPPORT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE BY HITTING THE LIKE BUTTON :)

Shan Children’s Home
Saras Pillay
+6 04 397 3593
+60 19 471 4917
Instagram: @penangshanchildrenshome
125 Tingkat kikik 6 Taman inderawasih 13600 Perai. Pulau Pinang.


  1. Hi Casey,

    May I know if Butterworth branch has any email address? I am representing my company to look for NGO NFO Orphan/old folk home, to have better communication/reference, I might need their email or anything in written form. Thank you :)

    1. hello there! you may contact them via or drop them a fb msg at

    2. Good Morning Casey~ I had already sent an email to, fb messaged them, and emailed to email shown in this page (, but still awaiting for their reply. Anyhow, thank you for fast respond :)

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